Club Rules

  1. The Club’s activities are Game Fly Fishing and Coarse Fishing. Members are encouraged to enjoy the full range of legal methods available for game and coarse fishing.  In addition, the Club exists to promote a positive social environment such that all members may enhance their enjoyment of these activities.
  2. The Trout season shall run from 18th March to 7th October each year.
  3. The Coarse season shall run from 8th October to 14 March the following year.
  4. Fly fishing by rod and line during the trout season is the only method allowed. Flies, nymphs and single hook lures up to size 8 are permitted.
  5. All methods of coarse fishing by rod and line are allowed during the trout close season. Only one rod to be used at a time. Ground baiting is prohibited, and all trout caught during the coarse season must be returned to the water.
  6. Barbless hooks are compulsory at all times for both trout and coarse fishing.
  7.  Members & guests must hold a current valid Environment Agency rod licence and adhere to the rules set down by the Environment Agency.
  8. River Management – River management and improvement works are to be undertaken, with the Landowner’s agreement and consent, at regular intervals through the year and as notified by the Club .River management is a formal element of the lease therefore a condition of membership is that  members contribute their time and effort in this regard in whatever capacity they can.
  9. Fish Management. Trout will be stocked on a regular basis through the season with the annual quantity being discussed and agreed at the AGM. Wild brown trout are on a catch and release basis. Stocked brown and rainbow trout may be kept on the basis of a maximum of 2/visit and 4/week. Coarse fish are to be returned to the waters.
  10. A maximum of 4 guest visits are allowed per member during each year of membership, with a maximum of 1 guest at a time, against payment of the appropriate fee.
  11. Junior guest visits (under 16 years of age) are allowed under the direct supervision of a member. These are in addition to item 9, against payment of the appropriate fee.
  12. Members shall ensure that they complete the fishing log at the end of each angling session. Such a log can be found in a facility located in a convenient location
  13. Members are required to carry their membership card at all times and failure to produce it to another member or Estate staff on request may lead to an invitation to leave the river.
  14. Members are required to ensure that parking and access rules as set down by the landowner are strictly adhered to at all times. Members must ensure that the Club’s angling activities do not interfere with or disrupt any of the landowner’s other activities. Picnics or family outings are not permitted. All gates must be closed and no litter left behind. An advisory sheet on procedures in the Park and a car identification sticker will be given to all members. The latter must be displayed by any car parked at one of the designated car park areas.
  15. The Committee shall be responsible for creating a full and varied programme of events including social activities, outings to other fisheries and competitions.
  16. Visitors are actively encouraged to attend the activities of the Club.
  17. Guest Speakers and visitors may be entertained by the Club at the discretion of the Committee.
  18. There is an onus on all members to assist with the effective running of the Club in all aspects.
  19. The Officers and Committee cannot take any responsibility for conditions affecting the river or the fishing